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In fact, I don't plan on doing much blogging. It's true, though, my name is Joe (Sexton). I write as a pastime and I'm based in Melbourne. 


Like many, I've decided to expand the Internet a little further for my own selfish ends. On this particular offshoot, I'm excited to share a few of the projects I've worked on in recent years. These include short stories, extended fiction, and a sample from a 'readable' screenplay available elsewhere.  There's also a section devoted to musings on sport, especially football fandom. 


In an audio sense, there are links to a couple of podcast projects. 'TBD' is a recent pop philosophy series, focused on determinism. 'The Grand Scheme of Things' is a project based on Australians' attitudes towards climate change - it also features my brother, Ben. Both of these podcasts can be found on Spotify and Apple. 



WINNER: Creative writing prizes in Mr Marum's Yr 6 English class

RUNNER-UP: Boroondara Literary Awards, 2014

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